How does motor oil affect plants?

Answer Few people consider how damaging a simple oil change can be on the environment. Research shows that soil contaminated with oil affects the germination of plant life at only a 5 percent contaminatio... Read More »

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How Does Motor Oil Affect the Earth?

According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, "Americans spill 180 gallons of used oil each year into the nation's waters." The organization deems used motor oil as "the l... Read More »

Wht is autofocus motor in DSLR camera Hw does it affect photography Does Nikon D3100 have it?

The motor drives a gear mechanism in the lens and operates its focus mechanism (how correct focus is determined is a bit complicated).The D3100 doesn't have one, it signals the motor in the lens, s... Read More »

How does the oil spill affect the plants?

oil has a surtan cimical so yayOil fumes are toxic to plants. The oil also makes the surface of the water black, which allows no light to reach the plants, meaning that they can't photosynthesize. ... Read More »

How does bleach affect plants?

Yes. Bleach contains phosphates and nitrates. Even though phosphates are needed by the plants, access phosphates is not good for them. and thats how bleach affects plants.