How does mortgage acceleration work?

Answer Mortgage acceleration is a process that allows you to pay off your mortgage loan faster than the original term. This will save you finance charges over the shortened term. However, you pay more tha... Read More »

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How to Work Out Acceleration?

Acceleration can be a key element in almost every sport. The ability to gain speed in a short amount of time will most likely make you better at whatever sport you are playing. However, acceleratio... Read More »

How does an adjusted rate mortgage work?

Adjustable rate mortgages, (ARM), are loans with variable interest rates. The rate can fluctuate up or down based on the index it's tied to, such as Treasury Bills and the Prime Rate.Fixed PeriodYo... Read More »

How does a purchase money mortgage work?

You may want to consider a purchase money mortgage if you are having trouble getting approved for a traditional loan. This type of mortgage allows a seller to finance all or a portion of the mortga... Read More »

How does an interest-only mortgage loan work?

Traditional mortgages have principal-plus-interest payments, which pay the accrued interest in full, then reduce the principal owed each month. In contrast, interest-only loans only pay off the acc... Read More »