How does metal halide lighting work?

Answer Metal halide lighting is a high-intensity light that is more efficient and durable than traditional incandescent lighting. Metal halide is similar to mercury vapor lighting, but metal halide is bet... Read More »

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Will a metal halide bulb work with a mercury vapor light?

A metal halide bulb will not work with a mercury vapor light because their ballasts, or materials that regulate electrical current, are different. Metal halide bulbs contain metal halide additives,... Read More »

What is metal halide?

Metal halide is a type of white light that is classified in the high-intensity discharge, or HID, family. It is well known for high light output compared to its compact size.CharacteristicsMetal ha... Read More »

What is a metal halide system?

A metal halide lighting system uses high intensity discharge lamps (HID) filled with a "starting gas" such as argon or xenon, mercury and halide salts. Metal halide systems provide "white light," m... Read More »

What is a metal halide lamp?

Metal halide lamps produce light closer to sunlight than any other light. People usually prefer this white light because of better visual sharpness, even at lower light levels. Metal halide lamps a... Read More »