How does menopause affect pregnancy test accuracy?

Answer Menopause can give you a false positive with all of the hormone changes your body is going through.

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Can Hpv Affect Result of Pregnancy Test?

Can topamax affect a pregnancy test?

No it can not. Topamax, it to ward of headaches. OB will approve.

Could one dose of promethazine DM taken 36 hours before a pregnancy test affect the results?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.

What does one line mean for digital pregnancy test The window displays error because of unstandard operation But there is only one blue band on test stick Pregnancy or not?

this normally means that the preancy tester is falty or can not detect an earley preancey my advise is to go and see your doctor or gp and they will be able to find out using their tests