How does medicare work with supplemental insurance?

Answer Medicare supplemental insurance policies fill in the gaps in Medicare coverage. These supplemental policies are called Medigap policies and are sold by many private insurance companies who speciali... Read More »

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Is ConnPACE Medicare supplemental insurance?

ConnPACE is not Medicare Supplemental Insurance; rather, ConnPACE is a prescription drug program that covers most medications, insulin and syringes. Administered by the Connecticut Department of So... Read More »

Can supplemental insurance be used with Medicare disability?

Whether or not you can use supplemental, or Medigap, insurance if you have Medicare because of a disability depends upon where you live. There is no federal requirement for health insurance compani... Read More »

Is Medicare supplemental insurance deductible?

No matter what type of Medicare supplemental insurance you use, you can claim it as an itemized, deductible medical expense when filing your taxes. The premium you pay on the insurance each month i... Read More »

Is it necessary to have supplemental insurance for Medicare if you can't afford it?

Answer More than likely you can not afford not to have it! Check it out closely with a reputable agent! 4lifeguild