How does low potasisium effect your body?

Answer low potassium or what is known as hypokalemia affects the body in many ways: the early signs are: weakness and muscle cramps, nausia and vomiting. But as the low potassium continues to be depleted ... Read More »

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What is the effect of rabies in your body?

First symptom's are flu like with anxiety and hydrophobia.Inflammation of the brain occurs with causes paralysis.Patients cannot swallow and are fearful of water therefore cannot quench their thirs... Read More »

The After Effect of Body Oils?

Body oils are used for different purposes, such as moisturizing the skin and soothing the mind. Essential oils are obtained from flowers, trees and plants. Popular in aromatherapy use to treat nume... Read More »

What is the effect of too much carrot in the body/?

Extremely good eyesight.Too much of anything isn't good... but I've never recalled seeing a rabbit wearing eyeglasses either.