How does low potasisium effect your body?

Answer low potassium or what is known as hypokalemia affects the body in many ways: the early signs are: weakness and muscle cramps, nausia and vomiting. But as the low potassium continues to be depleted ... Read More »

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What is the effect of rabies in your body?

First symptom's are flu like with anxiety and hydrophobia.Inflammation of the brain occurs with causes paralysis.Patients cannot swallow and are fearful of water therefore cannot quench their thirs... Read More »

How do salt water pools effect your body?

up to a limited amount,salt is necessary in our body for the vital biological reactions.More than this requirement,salt creates your body cells to swell.,that is so called cellulitis.Cell edema is ... Read More »

Does viagra have any effect on a female body?

The side effects mentioned by the another asker can happen, but they are rare.Here's an article about how Viagra and the female body matches together:…

What does the stone spider venom effect on the human body?

Have you been watching Anacondas? lol The stone spider doesn't paralize you (in the movie that is what it does). It's pain is almost like getting stung by a bee, leaving no more than a red mark. Th... Read More »