How does low adrenals cause eye floaters?

Answer Low adrenals is a common way to say "adrenal insufficiency." This is a malfunction of the adrenal glands, located in the lower back, which are responsible for regulating metabolism. When the adrena... Read More »

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Is floaters in eye bad at this age?

dude i have always had them.. i remember being litlte on the trip to flordia staring out he car widnow and seeing them i was probably about 7 years old.. heck now that i think abotu it i think... Read More »

What are floaters in the eye?

Eyes are filled with a gel-like substance called vitreous fluid. As the eye ages, the vitreous fluid begins to slowly breakdown and become a liquid. Sometimes pieces of the vitreous fluid detach th... Read More »

What causes floaters in the eye?

Floaters in the eye are clumped fibers of the eye's vitreous humor that cast a shadow on the retina. Eye floaters may appear as gray or black specks, cobwebs or strings that change position when a ... Read More »

What do eye floaters look like?

Eye floaters are a seemingly harmless nuisance often associated with age that interrupt your field of vision. The appearance of floaters is varied, and the number of floaters is often dependent on ... Read More »