How does lighting make spirits look real?

Answer Spirits and ghosts can be made to look realistic with the use of a holographic light. This type of light can produce holograms, which can create see-through images that represent spirits.HologramA ... Read More »

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How to Make Your Room Look Underwater with Lighting?

The feeling of being underwater creates a comforting sense of peace. As light gently filters through pulsing waves and the sounds of civilization cease, it's easy to forget the troubles of the worl... Read More »

What do you mean by "Spirits" in this category do you actually see "Spirits" when you get drunk?

Didn't you know this is the section for the supernatural?....We should ask Ms Leepal to join us here....

Some look fake but most of them look ridiculously real Example McNamara's mother in law had a face lift and then you saw the difference Are some of the operations on the show NipTuck real?

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How to Make Wigs Look Real?

Nothing is more embarrassing than having everyone around you realize that you're wearing a wig. This doesn't necessarily mean that you've chosen a bad one: Even the most natural-looking wig can loo... Read More »