How does lighting affect learning?

Answer A proper learning environment is key for student success. An important part of the learning environment is good lighting. It's important that there is sufficient light but without the detrimental e... Read More »

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Factors That Affect Individual Learning?

Students might have difficulty learning for a number of reasons, many of which have nothing to do with innate intelligence. If you are cognizant of these reasons, then you will know what you can do... Read More »

Physical Factors That Affect Learning?

Learning is one of the most important processes in human experience, allowing us the ability to make informed choices throughout the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, there are a number of physical... Read More »

Economic Factors That Affect Learning?

The process of learning begins as soon as a baby is born. As the child grows through various stages of life, the process of learning changes rapidly, influenced by external factors like individual ... Read More »

Do Colors Affect Children's Learning?

Learning should take place in an atmosphere where children feel non-threatened, comfortable and able to take risks. Teachers and school administrators work hard to produce stimulating, welcoming en... Read More »