How does lemon juice turn paper brown?

Answer When lemon juice is applied to paper and heated, it can lead to an unusual reaction, with the lemon juice turning brown. There's a scientific explanation for the change in color.FeaturesLemon juice... Read More »

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What color does litmus paper turn when dipped in lemon juice?

Red litmus paper will remain the same color when exposed to lemon juice, which is an acid. Blue litmus paper will turn red when exposed to an acid such as lemon juice.Source:Elmhurst College: Acid-... Read More »

Why does lemon juice prevent fruit from turning brown?

There is nothing better than fresh fruit, but it doesn't take long for light-colored fruit to begin browning after it is cut. Lemon juice can counteract the process that takes place when fruit and ... Read More »

Does cabbage juice turn red litmus paper blue?

Yes, cabbage juice turns red litmus paper blue when the solution is not acidic or base. If the cabbage juice turns red litmus paper red, then the solution is acidic. Cabbage juice is an alternative... Read More »

How to Fade Brown Spots with Lemon Juice?

Freckles and brown age spots are the result of sun damage to the skin. You should always wear at least SPF 15 sunscreen when spending the day outside, even in the winter. Pale people, especially, s... Read More »