How does leadership influence change in an organization?

Answer The essence of leadership is rooted in one's ability to be influential. Leaders do more than just direct work flow; they are initiators of change through motivation and influence. For this reason, ... Read More »

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How can leadership styles influence the effectiveness of the change management process?

Effective and successful leaders can influence and motivate followers through change management processes. With a little bit of analysis, leaders can formulate leadership strategies and theories to... Read More »

How Does Code of Conduct Influence an Organization?

A well-written and properly disseminated code of conduct can have a major impact on an organization, unifying its members with a common set of values and professional behavior. A Code of Conduct ac... Read More »

How Does Organization Training Influence Employee Performance?

Employee training is the process by which individuals acquire the knowledge and skills required to perform their jobs. Training therefore has an impact on employee performance and retention, which ... Read More »

The Influence of a Principal's Leadership Style on a School's Climate?

The focus and success of any organization can be attributed at least in part to the leadership of that organization. The success of a school is largely dependent upon the leader and the style of le... Read More »