How does law enforcement track a vehicle with gps?

Answer Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have become a valuable tool in fighting crime. Upgrades in technology have made the systems easier to use because they are smaller, slimmer and harder to recognize.... Read More »

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How to Measure a Track on a Vehicle?

A vehicle's track, or track width, is the distance between the center line of each of the two wheels on the same axle on any given vehicle. On most vehicles, the track width will differ between the... Read More »

What will happen to your current insurance policy if you transfer from a newer vehicle with full coverage to an older vehicle with basic coverage?

The cost of the monthly permiums should go DOWN, as the cost of replacement of the car, or repairs to it will be less expensive.Check with the insurance agent.

A vehicle crossing railway track, suddenly stops due to some problem trains approaching. how to solve this?

Three cases were found1) the Crossing is without safety i.e. NO Barriers.2) Illegally crossing the Track where there is no road3) Barriers are about to close you run your inside it and barriers are... Read More »

If the owner of the vehicle allowed her daughter to drive without auto insurance and she had an accident with injuries can she sue the driver of the other vehicle?

Answer I am terribly sorry to hear about the accident and hope those that were injured are on the mend. When parents have the insurance on a vehicle and allow their kids to drive that vehicle they ... Read More »