How does lampe berger work?

Answer The Lampe Berger doesn't just add scent to your room--it actually eliminates bad odors. The Lampe Berger's design makes it possible to get rid of a variety of odors in your home, including cooking ... Read More »

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How to Mix Lampe Berger Oil?

Lampe Berger fragrance lamps are glass vessels with a wick that protrudes from the top. When you fill the lamp with fragrant oil and light the wick, the fragrance is dispersed into the surrounding ... Read More »

How to Use a Lampe Berger?

The Lampe Berger was the creation of Maurice Berge in the 1890s. The lamp uses the process of catalytic combustion to purify the surrounding air as it burns. Fuel consisting of fragrance mixed with... Read More »

What is lampe berger good for?

Lampe Berger is a brand name for fragrance lamps, also known as effusion lamps or catalytic lamps. These lamps can be used to spread pleasant fragrances and purify the air of possibly harmful micro... Read More »

What is lampe berger oil made of?

Lampe berger oil is composed of alcohol, fragrance oil and essential oil. These ingredients are available from pharmacists, craft shops and health food stores respectively. Lampe berger oil removes... Read More »