How does joint custody affect children?

Answer %REPLIES%AnswerAbout 75% of the available research has found joint physical custody Tobe better for children than sole custody (e.g. Buchannan, Maccoby &Dornbush, 1991; Burnett, 1991; Ilfeld, 1989;... Read More »

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How does joint custody affect child support?

Joint Custody and Child SupportJoint legal custody has no effect on child support. With joint physical custody there is still a payment of child support from the higher income parent to the lower i... Read More »

How does joint custody affect child support in Nebraska?

The parent with physical custody receives child support from the other parent.

If there is joint custody and one of the partners goes to jail and gives power of attorny to someone else over the children can the other ex get custody of the kids?

i think there's a good chance you would get custody, judges don't look kindly on parents in jail, as they can't parent at all from a few family lawyers in your area and ask them about ... Read More »

If you have joint legal custody and the father has primary physical but delegates all care to his parents and is not involved with the children how hard would it be for the mother to get custody?

AnswerThe laws vary from state to state, can you narrow it down just a bit? AnswerThe first issue a judge would address is why the father was awarded primary physical custody in the first place? S... Read More »