JailBreaking Ipod touch 2nd gen. 2.2 fireware help?

Answer Ipod touch 2nd gen cant be jailbroken as of yetignore videos on youtube that say otherwise, these have just been created to waste peoples time :(

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What does jailbreaking with an iPod touch mean?

jailbreaking an iphone means,* you can change the background to your iphone/ipod touch.*play games*the buttons on the iphone.ipod touch can look different-PROBLEMS-as soon as you use it you cant:*u... Read More »

How long does jailbreaking your iPod touch take?

Jailbreaking iPod touch....why?

if you jailbreak it the warranty is voided... u might b able 2 restore it on itunes and it might restore back to factory settings without it being jailbroken it's not hard at all. In fact im going ... Read More »

JailBreaking your ipod touch 5g.?

I disagree with GADI have jailbriken all of my devises and it is perfectly safe. If something goes wrong all you need to do is restore the device, it extremely difficult to brick the device, nearly... Read More »