How does it make you feel when you are looking for jumbo wieners?

Answer You can't always tell what's coming through the front door when you are watching from the back yard... if you wanted jumbo wieners, then you should look for the extra large packaging right up fron... Read More »

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How does it feel when a woman rips when she gives birth?

When you are 38 weeks pregnant what does it mean when you feel alot of pressure on the vagina constantly?

It's because the baby is getting further down. It's normal and nothing to worry about.

How to Be Like Gretchen Wieners?

Actress Lacey Chabert, who plays Gretchen in the film.Everyone's seen the movie mean girls, and noticed queen bee Regina George's, sidekick Gretchen Wieners. She is very pretty and the only brunett... Read More »

I don't have brother It makes me feel very bad At times I wish I could have brother who could fight with me correct me when I do something wrong and make me feel secure pls help?