How to Apply for Food Stamps in Carmel, Indiana?

Answer Rules regarding eligibility and benefit levels for food stamps are set at a federal level. Decisions regarding application, reporting and recertification procedures are to be determined by each ind... Read More »

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You started on dec30 and had unprotected sex on jan12 you work three am to three pm when you get to work lately you feel like you need to vomit but never do you had somewhat of a passing out spell?

Answer You could be pregnant, it depends on how many days long your cycle is. i started my period Dec 29th, and ovulated on the 8th and got pregnant. I have short 24 day cycles. So if your cycle i... Read More »

How Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Work in Indiana?

Bankruptcy law is designed to assist individuals who have financial trouble and are unable to pay debts. There are three types of bankruptcies, Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Under Chapter 1... Read More »

How Long Do You Need to Work to Get Unemployment in Indiana?

Many unemployment claimants mistakenly believe they must work a certain amount of time on a job to qualify for Indiana unemployment benefits. There is no unemployment time requirement. Instead, the... Read More »

Are Split Work Shifts Legal in Indiana?

Split shifts are legal in Indiana and every other state in the United States. Furthermore, Indiana law puts no limit on split shifts: an employer can schedule and require employees to work split sh... Read More »