How does it feel to lose your virginity?

Answer Feels like complete hell. I didn't even think about the emotional side like, "oh my god, I'm not a virgin" because I was in so much pain. I cried a little. It's different for everyone but for most ... Read More »

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If you're a virgin but wore a condom during sex does that mean you lose your virginity?

You only lose your virginity once you have sex - even if it's sex with a condom

What's the average age to lose your virginity?

Overall I would say late teens. Many people are waiting into their 20's now. Depends on what crowd you are hanging around with.

Is thirteen too young to lose your virginity?

Teens: Do you think you will wait til your married til you lose your virginity?

Yes, I hope I have the strength to maintain that moral.I certainly know the strength of temptation, and I want to get married later in life (Somewhere around 25, after I've finished my first year o... Read More »