How does iraq's government work?

Answer Iraq's government is a complex political organism that is the result of almost a century of dictatorship, colonialism, and now a half-decade long rule by a foreign-administered democracy.Nature of ... Read More »

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How does the U.S.A. government work?

The United States of America has a federal government that has been established as a democracy by the Constitution. The foundations for this system can be traced back all the way to Aristotle and t... Read More »

How does the Chinese government work?

The Chinese government works to implements the policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Unlike many Western countries, China has a one-party system with 58 million members, according to Index... Read More »

How does Chile's republic government work?

The republic-style governing is the most used type of government in the world and is found in both the U.S. and Chile. Chile's republic government structure is in some ways similar to the U.S., and... Read More »

How does the executive branch of government work?

The executive branch of government is responsible for administering and enforcing federal laws. The president acts as the head of state and the head of the executive branch. He is charged with appo... Read More »