How does insurance decide how much your car is worth if totaled?

Answer %DETAILS% Answer Insurers use the "Blue Book" value, and factor in mileage and any previous damage, etc. Just as if it were a "trade in".

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How much is a totaled car worth?

On One Hand: Definition of "Totaled"A totaled car generally costs more to repair than it is worth. An example would be a car that is valued at $5,000, but would cost $6,000 to repair. Cars might be... Read More »

When a car with only liability insurance and a salvaged title is totaled a second time what is the responsibility of the at faults insurance company as far as replacement?

Answer The title is irrelevant, they need to put you in equal transportation during the claims process and issue you a check based on the cars book value. If they give you less then you feel is r... Read More »

How is a totaled car insurance value calculated?

When you are in a car accident, the damage to your vehicle is evaluated and compared to the overall value of your vehicle. If the cost to repair that damage is higher than the vehicle's value, your... Read More »

When Is a Car Declared Totaled in Insurance?

After an accident, there are many things to think about, including what to do if your car is totaled. Before replacements or repairs, a decision must be made by insurors whether the car is totaled ... Read More »