How does ice work for keeping the swelling down or why does it work?

Answer Ugh, if people don't know what they are talking about they shouldn't bother answering. It is the cold that reduces swelling. It works by causing vasoconstriction.The pathophysiology is simple once ... Read More »

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Does hand sanitized really work on mosquito bites. I read it stops the swelling. I'm not sure though. ?

Isporal alcohol is the best thing to use for bug bites and to stop a itch or a rash use 99% its better rate best pleas43e

How does a step down transformer work?

Step-down transformers reduce a higher voltage to a lower voltage for use in different types of equipment. Power companies use them to reduce the voltage in power lines so it can be used in your ho... Read More »

How does Medicaid spend-down work?

Medicaid is a state-sponsored public health benefit for those with low incomes. Sometimes those who don't meet eligibility guidelines can qualify through a Medicaid spend-down, also know as "Medica... Read More »

Does hair dye work well down under?

peroxide and lots of direct sunlight!My back deck gets sun most of the day, you can use it! It's a HUGE deck too. I'll wear a paper bag mask and everything!*swoon*