How does iPhone inputted into the technology?

Answer No. They both run an averagely speedy A4 processor. The difference is the 16gb can hold twice as many songs, videos, contacts, and apps.

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How is data inputted into I Pad 2?

About 115,000 pics taken with the built-in camera, if you have no music or downloaded apps installed. Everything takes up storage space.

What is the technology behind the iPhone 3GS GPS system?

How does the new iPhone contributin to technology?

the new iphone comes in a 16 GB and 32 GB which i believe is 3500 or 7000 songs you can also choose white or black and its the price of the old one, 199 or 299. the iphone 3G is only 99 or 199 now

Where else can the iPhone 4S go with future technology?