How does hydrogen cause a car to run?

Answer Since 2003, the United States government has encouraged car dealers to create cars which run on hydrogen. Now, cars can run on a type of battery called a fuel cell, which creates electricity by spl... Read More »

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Can acne products&hydrogen peroxide cause my skin to whiten?

On One Hand: May Lighten Hair FolliculesSome acne products containing benzoyl peroxide and/or hydrogen peroxide may cause permanent bleaching to hair and fabrics. Most peroxides are bleaching agent... Read More »

What is the pressure of a hydrogen storage supply tank for a hydrogen fuel cell?

Current fuel cells typically store hydrogen gas at 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. State-of-the-art tanks with a 10,000 psi capacity are in development. Cryogenic storage of liquid... Read More »

Does hydrogen conduct electricity?

No, hydrogen does not conduct electricity on its own. The protons in hydrogen are tightly bound to it so an electric current does not have access to a mobile charge component that can carry an elec... Read More »

Does wood contain hydrogen?

Wood does not contain hydrogen in its composition. Cellulose is the major component of wood. While hydrogen is not present in wood, the cellulose in wood will yield hydrogen and other gasses.Source... Read More »