How does honey come out of a bee?

Answer Honey doesn't come out of a bee. Bees collect nectar and hold it in a special 'honey stomach', which is separate from the normal digestive tract. When she returns to the hive the bee regurgitates ... Read More »

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How is honey made were does it come from?

The bees use their proboscis, which is like a long tongue, to suck the nectar out and store it in their reservoir, which is also called the honey stomach. In the proboscis nectar mixes with the bee... Read More »

How does manuka honey compare to other honey?

Manuka honey is a variety of honey from New Zealand. It is claimed that this kind of honey has properties that make it superior to other kinds.IdentificationManuka honey is named after a New Zealan... Read More »

What is "good honey" I just tasted honey and it was straight up nasty?

a couple things:first, honey is basically sugar (fructose) and it will have a taste and aroma akin to the nectar of the flowers the bees use to make it. so clover honey will have a distinct taste ... Read More »

What is the difference between pure honey&clover honey?

As the National Honey Board explains, pure honey is honey that has nothing added to it. Pure honey encapsulates many different varieties of honey, one of which is clover honey.Clover HoneyVarieties... Read More »