How does hibiscus reproduce?

Answer The hybrid Hibiscus are propogated from cuttings the species from seed.

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How to Use Hibiscus Leaves for Mulching Hibiscus?

The genus Hibiscus represents a large and diverse group of flowering plants found in tropical and subtropical environments around the world. From small trees to annual plants, hibiscus trees appear... Read More »

How Does a Dandelion Reproduce?

Dandelions are common yellow flowers with many small pointed petals that many people classify as weeds. They are a very widespread flower. Though not native to the United States, they are now found... Read More »

How does garlic reproduce?

Garlic is a bulb plant. If you crack open a head of garlic, there are many cloves. Each clove is a new garlic waiting to sprout. :) Hardneck varieties grow scapes that later produce a flower head ... Read More »

How does a mint plant reproduce?

Answer It reporduces by growing runners. This plant can be invasive and spread rapidily if the conditions are right. Lots sun and lots water.