Does grass grow in sand?

Answer Grasses, also known as graminoids, are among the most versatile life forms that exist, with the ability to grow in numerous conditions, from desert to rain forest and from soil to sand.TypesThere a... Read More »

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Why does grass grow after it is cut?

It is just like hair, when you cut it it grows you wash/rain on it it grows.

How tall does grass grow?

There are approximately 11,000 different species of grasses with considerable variability in height. The tallest grass in the world is giant bamboo, which can reach a height of over 120 feet. Kentu... Read More »

Does grass grow in the winter?

Yes, grass can grow in the winter. However, all varieties may not withstand harsh temperatures, such as those in the northern part of the United States. In that area of the country, you may need to... Read More »

Does lemon grass grow in Kentucky?

Lemon grass will not survive outdoors in Kentucky winters. Lemon grass (Cymbopogan citratus) grows year-round in USDA zones 8 through 11. The USDA zones for Kentucky are primarily zones 6a and 6b, ... Read More »