How does google understand my keyword?

Answer for every site there are meta keywords that you can set in html.If your site doesn't have meta tags that provide keywords to search engines like Google, Google will attempt to read your website and... Read More »

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How to Rank on Google Using a Keyword or Phrase?

DK is a Street Performer DK is a Street PerformerHow to rank on Google for a long-tailed keyword phrase.

How to Use Google's Keyword Search Tool?

Over the past decade, web design and content design have begun to focus more and more on being search engine optimized, or SEO. Simply put, SEO looks to optimize the content of a website in order t... Read More »

How to Do SEO Online with Google Keyword Phrases?

One of the most effective tools for improving the optimization of a website so that it is placed higher within the search results is to use search engine optimization and to incorporate Google keyw... Read More »

How to Build Your Keyword List for Google Adwords?

To use Google Adwords to effectively market your products or service, the choice of keywords is very important. See below for steps that you should consider when using Google Adwords or any other P... Read More »