How does going vegan/vegetarian really save animals?

Answer For each person who chooses a meatless diet, roughly 50 animals are saved.Yes, saved from being born to a tortuous life.Multiply 50 just on the people who are vegetarian/vegan here on YAnswersand y... Read More »

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Do you really save animals?

No they don't.. Pro vegetarian websites like to argue that they do because it falsely implies vegetarians as some sort of animal saving saint. A feel good myth.Funny because they always use the "su... Read More »

Does recycling really save energy?

On One Hand: Sometimes, It Wastes EnergyNot all materials are easily recyclable, such as plastics and magazines. Plastics do not contain much plastic by weight compared with their size and so many ... Read More »

Do energy save light bulb Really Save you Money?

YES with the cost of electricity now !!!!but go and buy them from ikea, which is a lot cheaper than b&q etc

Does the Power Save 1200 really work?

On One Hand: Save Money on ElectricityThe manufacturer says the Power Save 1200 will save up to 25 percent on a person's electric bill per month, because the device stores electricity that typicall... Read More »