How does gender affect leadership in business?

Answer According to "Work in the 21st Century," 99.6 percent of all top executives of Fortune 500 companies are men, while just 0.4 percent are women. Interestingly, the book "Leadership in Organizations,... Read More »

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Factors That Affect Business Leadership?

A company's success is often the result of its leadership. A strong leadership team within a company can inspire creativity, increase productivity and help to keep a company strong against the comp... Read More »

How to Use Animal Leadership Styles to Inform Your Business Leadership Values?

Have you ever studied the social organization of various animals? Herd of elephants, a pride of lions, a troop of monkeys, a pack of hyena or wild dogs, a swarm of bees or a flock of birds? Who is ... Read More »

How can gender discrimination affect the workplace?

Gender discrimination refers to treating someone unfairly due to sex or gender presentation. Discrimination takes many forms, including not promoting someone, paying them less or withholding benefi... Read More »

How does gender affect learning ability among Pre-K boys and girls?

I agree with the posters above. In Pre-K programs, it is developmentally inappropriate to expect a 4 year old to know how to write his full name, phone number and address. As far as consonants an... Read More »