How does gas make a car drive?

Answer Thousands of tiny explosions are what make cars move. By understanding the process that makes your car move, you can cultivate a healthy respect for the phenomenon that gets you from point A to poi... Read More »

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Does a slow hard drive make games lag or loose FPS?

A slow hard drive will increase loading times. It will only affect FPS if your computer runs out of RAM. And when that happens, even a solid state drive won't save you (although it will help).I'd g... Read More »

Does a portable or external hard drive make a computer faster?

no. your system's speed has nothing to do with your hard drives either internal or external. it still depends on your processor, motherboard, amount of ram, graphics card and everything else that... Read More »

How to Make a Backup of Hard Drive to a Jump Drive?

Jump drives, often referred to as USB drives, use flash memory technology. These small devices plug into your computer's USB port and are typically used to store and transfer files to and from your... Read More »

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