How does franchising work?

Answer Franchising is a method of business in which an individual (franchisee) pays a fee to open and run a business based on an established business's (franchisor) trademarked product or service. Franchi... Read More »

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A Franchising How-to?

When a business owner has a marketable product that has allowed the company to expand, the idea of creating a franchise may seem feasible. The business owner must consider all the ways of promoting... Read More »

Licensing Vs. Franchising?

Choosing between franchising and licensing depends on the type of business, available start-up capital and the amount of creative control desired by a business owner. Also, how close a relationship... Read More »

Who invented franchising?

The first business franchise was invented by Martha Matilda Harper in 1891. Harper was heavily influenced by suffragettes and the Christian Science movement in the late 19th century. Her beauty sal... Read More »

Guidelines for Franchising Businesses?

Running a successful business may lead owners to think about franchising their operations. A franchise business operation allows other business owners to operate business locations under the name a... Read More »