How does financial aid disbursement work?

Answer Well they will process all of your paperwork (if your student information is online like most schools, just keep checking your financial aid status under your student login and make sure they aren'... Read More »

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How does financial aid work?

The amount of aid that you are eligible to receive depends on several variables, but the most important are your financial circumstances and the cost of attendance at your school.You tell the gover... Read More »

So how does financial aid work?

Okay.FAFSA.ED.GOVSTUDENTAID.ED.GOVFAFSA4CASTER.ED.GOVI'm assuming you're in the US and are talking about colleges and universities and federal financial aid and such.First, let's say you're in high... Read More »

Does the Better Trades financial freedom program work?

On One Hand: There Is Valuable InformationThe Better Trades system offers sound advice that can help a dedicated, informed and lucky investor make a good deal of money. The system is successful, wi... Read More »

When does South University send out their disbursement checks?

South University issues disbursement checks for tuition refunds once students have officially withdrawn from the institution. The specific time frame of disbursements and the refund amount varies b... Read More »