How does family affect a persons personal identity?

Answer You learn from the actions around you, which shape your character or personality, due to the people you're with or would like to be. Also, your brain develops at an early age to defer what they com... Read More »

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How does culture affect personal hygiene?

People who cook different foods amd do different things that other people wouldnt

How Does a Personal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Affect My Taxes?

A successful Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing can result in the discharge of most, but not all debts. Debts that cannot be discharged include child support, student loans and most tax debts. Of particul... Read More »

How to Develop Personal Identity in Students?

Many events in life help to contribute to the development of personal identity. Children who experience the negative effects of racism and intolerance at an early age may experience doubt in who th... Read More »

How does photography affect the family?

Well for one, photos are one of the easiest ways to capture memories as they occur. The bring back times of joy that one would want to experience repeatedly. In other words, they bring families tog... Read More »