How does fafsa work, is the money for the whole year or just for the semester?

Answer Marco:As you can see from that comment, the Pell Grant award is for the entire 2010-2011 school year. The money will be sent to your school in two equal payments - $1650 in the Fall, and $1650 in t... Read More »

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How many credits does FAFSA require you take each semester?

WARD LIMITS FOR 2008-2009AWARD TYPEANNUAL AMOUNTTERM AMOUNTENROLLMENTFSAGEFC (From 0 to 4041)Awarded to Fla. Residents eligible for Pell$1,800.00$1,350.00$900.00$900.00$675.00$450.00Full Time3/4 Ti... Read More »

I make currently just about 40 thousand per year, would What does the FAFSA still cover me?

since you are laid off now, then yes, i would think you would be able to get FAFSA.heres some links to help. apply to anything you can get your hands on (most require an essay and/or app)try to aim... Read More »

I just finished my fafsa and my EFC is 3700. How much money will I get?

Unfortunately, this EFC number is pretty high, so you are not going to receive much in the way of Federal Pell Grant, or FSEOG. There is hope though, so don't despair. The first thing you need to... Read More »

Fafsa for a semester?

Even if you've past the deadline, you are ALWAYS allowed to apply for your FAFSA. If a semester of the year is already gone, they will offer money for the remainder of the year.ALSO: Once you recei... Read More »