How does facebook suggest people you may know?

Answer it suggest people that your friends are friends with, people that work with, people that went to your school.

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When you suggest a friend to someone on Facebook, do both people see the suggestion?

Yes, you are right,,, both people will see it .i.e both friend a and b.Cauz when friend a click on the suggested friend link to confirm then friend b will get the friend request as ( a suuggested b... Read More »

Do people know if you search their Facebook?

Facebook does not offer any sort of tracking data that tells users whether or not somebody has looked them up, viewed their Facebook page or viewed their other Facebook content. They will be aware ... Read More »

Do people know how to survive without facebook?

I signed up back in 2005 when it was restricted to colleges. I got in touch with friends with whom I'd lost contact due to the various moves throughout my grade school (1st-12th) years. It was ni... Read More »

Is there a way to remove the Facebook "People You May Know" box?

I had that problem as well and the short answer is it can be done but it may take a few logins' before your issue becomes resolved.Facebook uses an algorithim to determine the content of the box, i... Read More »