How does facebook, myspace, etc. affect you?

Answer Facebook, myspace, or bebo dont change me a bit. If I dont talk to you on a regular basis outside of the internet I dont act fake to people actin like Im there friends or like they are my favorite ... Read More »

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Can a facebook or myspace affect your odds of getting a job or accepted into a college?

nah...plenty of people have facebook and they still get into stanford, princeton, etc...get a good job....just don't post anything horrid on your profile. If you have a lot of talent and are extrem... Read More »

Which is better-facebook or myspace?

I think that facebook is easier to use because there aren't as many things you have to up load and worry about such as a background color/design. Facebook is also more fun because you can add apps ... Read More »

Myspace or facebook and why?

I have both myspace and facebook and i'll tell you right now theyre both very good. here are some highlights of each:Myspace: -fun to make (backgrounds, colors, decorations, etc)-can express yourse... Read More »

Do u like facebook or myspace better?

agreed!facebook is so you cant do ANYTHING, comment anyone, picture comment, update, whatever with out it showing up on every single persons hoempage. its just annoying. people c... Read More »