How does extreme cold or heat affect your health?

Answer They practice internal medicine for children ... usually up to the age of 18.

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How does a spacecraft resist burning up from extreme heat?

As a spacecraft enters the atmosphere, it will travel at a tremendously high speed. The friction from the air rubbing against the spacecraft causes lots of heat. To protect against this heat, space... Read More »

Can oil-based paint catch fire in extreme heat?

Oil-based paint can catch fire in extreme heat. The exact temperature at which any given oil-based paint will catch fire varies. Keep oil-based paint away from extremely hot environments and source... Read More »

How does extreme temperature affect solar power?

Solar panels are designed and tested to endure and operate under extreme weather conditions. Scientists at Underwriters Laboratories have tested solar panels on how they endure the energy of "one s... Read More »

Does extreme cold kill bed bugs?

Freezing temperatures kill bed bugs. However, they can take days to die at temperatures of 32 degrees F. Therefore, this is a slow extermination method. Exterminators use enormous heaters to bring ... Read More »