How does exercise help Gestational Diabetes?

Answer Increased physical activity can help a lot both for gestational diabetes as well as for diabetes.Why? because physical activity will burn more calories and helps body cells to absorb glucose effect... Read More »

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My gestational diabetes test is everything normal i dont understand them help!?

You have stated only the figures and not the units. There are conventional units and SI units. White blood cell (WBC) count Normal level: 4.8 to 10.8 (Your lab report- high)Hemoglobin (Hgb) Normal ... Read More »

Is fruit ok when you have gestational diabetes Help i dont know what i can or cant eat!?

Check your fasting blood sugar and post-prandial blood sugar (2 hours after taking food) daily and avoid or reduce foods that elevate your blood sugar.Healthy diabetic eating includes:--* Limiting ... Read More »

How does gestational diabetes develop?

Diabetes brought about by being pregnant.

Why does gestational diabetes occur?

Take a large needle, hat pin, or an ice pick (depending on how large you want the hole), then sterilize it over a hot flame for a few seconds. Then run the tip through the existing hole in the bott... Read More »