Does elevation affect the freezing point of water?

Answer Elevation affects the freezing point of water, but only minimally. The freezing point of water increases when there is lower pressure on the water. Since higher elevations have lower atmospheric pr... Read More »

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How Does Climate Affect the Rate of Weathering?

The weathering process produces chemical or physical decay of exposed rocks on the earth's surface. The quantity of rain, degree of temperature change and length of exposure to the elements determi... Read More »

My blueprints show my ceiling elevation at 102.69' and floor elevation at 92.19' what does that mean?

The elevation measurements are relative to a common reference point. The blueprints should also indicate what that reference point is. It could be a surveyor's post somewhere on the lot. But if y... Read More »

Do cholestyramine PSA levels affect elevation of bilirubin?

Yes, cholestyramine PSA levels affect elevation of bilirubin. Bilirubin secretion, as well as pancreatic secretion, is elevated by the presence of cholestryamine. Even higher secretions of bilirubi... Read More »

How do bodies of water affect climate?

Bodies of water generally stabilize the climate of nearby land masses. Cities on the coast tend to have more stable temperatures than those farther inland due to the proximity of the ocean, seas, l... Read More »