How does ebay charge for shipping label?

Answer When you set up the eBay account you set up some form of payment method with them. (Usually PayPal but could have been bank info or Credit card.)They will take the payment from that area.

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Why does my ebay account go directly to paypal when printing shipping label how do i change it to ebay print?

eh kasi... hindi ko alam? =D hahaha! uy nag yyahoo answers na rin sya!

Shipping label printers for ebay/paypal?

You can print your own label without having to sign up. Most ebayers use their own labeling system.

Paypal funds availability, and ebay shipping label?

I was having the same problem. When you are about to pay for shipping and paypal ask you "When Do you want to pay for shipping?" There will be 2 options. The first option will be "Now, charge my pa... Read More »

Help with Shipping Label Please?

The address has to be fully readable. Some clear tape is a problem and some isn't. If it is a single piece with no wrinkles I never had an issue using 3 inch wide or trimmed to overlay the label.