How does eating carrots influence night vision?

Answer Mayo Clinic states that the lack of Vitamin A can lead to night blindness, a condition whereby vision becomes poor at night. Since carrots are rich in Vitamin A, they are often credited with improv... Read More »

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If you mess up your vision, can you repair it by eating carrots?

Carrots are a lie. We used technology to find planes in the sky, and we lied to prevent people from finding out. We said carrots gave us great vision to see the planes in the sky. -.-

How Does Eating Carrots Make You Orange?

No, it's not a myth. When you feed infants with too much carrot baby food in their diet excess beta carotene is absorbed into their skin from the bloodstream .Then it shows as orange tint to their ... Read More »

Does eating carots improve your vision?

Of course! I mean, have you ever seen a rabbit who wears glasses??Honestly, ask your doctor!:)

“Can carrots help improve your vision?

no matter how many carrots a blind person eats.....they won't be able to see any better