How does eating Vegetarian save the environment?

Answer Generally, I would agree with you (or your friends). But the problem is that they are generalizing, in that they don't take into account the wide variety of local foods and conditions.Just for exam... Read More »

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My vegitarian friend said that if you are a vegetarian that you can save 9 animals a year by not eating meat?

You cannot "save" the animals, anymore than you will save trees by recycling paper. Trees used for paper are not from the rain forest and are not threatened species, they are raised like corn and ... Read More »

How does going vegan/vegetarian really save animals?

For each person who chooses a meatless diet, roughly 50 animals are saved.Yes, saved from being born to a tortuous life.Multiply 50 just on the people who are vegetarian/vegan here on YAnswersand y... Read More »

Does eating vegan or vegetarian diet make your farts smell better?

When I went vegan my farts smelt so much less than before. Meat makes your farts smell pretty bad =/

Why is it better for the environment to be a vegan/vegetarian?

Most of the farmland in the world is devoted to one main purpose - to grow food for fattening up the animals in factory farms for meat-eaters. This takes up an enormous amount of land. This transla... Read More »