How does dwarrfism affect the rest of the family?

Answer Try to remember when you were younger. A sister's purse is like opening treasure chest for children. To you she is snooping into something private of yours, but to her she is fascinated with all th... Read More »

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How does Down syndrome affect the rest of the family?

It depends on what position of employment you are seeking. If you wish to be a professional (teacher, therapist) it most likely will require an undergraduate degree and a Master's degree.

If a father dies and wills the family home to his son does his son also inherit the contents of the home or does can it legally be divided among the rest of the siblings?

How does photography affect the family?

Well for one, photos are one of the easiest ways to capture memories as they occur. The bring back times of joy that one would want to experience repeatedly. In other words, they bring families tog... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy affect a family?

- There can be less money due to having to buy baby items and pay daycare. - The parents of the teen has their lives changed with a baby in the house again. - Less private time and more babysittin... Read More »