How does drinking Green Tea ..."Wake you up"?

Answer The answer to this question is not fully understood. Green tea contains caffeine, which is fairly well-understood. The amount of caffeine in green tea varies widely...from very low amounts (15mg ... Read More »

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What are the benefits of drinking green tea Is Crystal Light Green Tea just as good as others?

Green tea possesses compounds that may provide powerful protection against several cancers and, possibly, heart disease. Studies indicate that it also fights infection and promotes longevity.You ca... Read More »

Drinking green tea every day?

green tea is really good for you. I think however small the amount you drink will have some beneficial does still contain caffeine though so if you're super sensitive to caffeine you pro... Read More »

What are the benefits of drinking green tea?

Green tea is made from the tea plant camellia sinensis. The tea differs from black tea because of the manufacturing process. The specific green tea processing creates a healthy beverage.Processing ... Read More »

Is drinking green tea bad for staining your teeth?

Yes it is. After you drink it clean your teeth. I was told this by an oral hygienist after I started getting brown stains on my teeth and I had to have my teeth cleaned. She actually said that a lo... Read More »