How does dna store information needed by a cell?

Answer DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) stores information by the sequence of bases on the nucleic acid. The four bases that form the alphabet from which the code for amino acids is spelled are adenine, thymin... Read More »

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Does a laptop store as much information as a desktop?

The storage capability of your computer doesn't depend on whether it's a desktop or a laptop computer: It depends only on the size of the hard drive. However, the maximum commercially available har... Read More »

Where does Rosetta Stone store user information?

Rosetta Stone is educational software that helps users learn another language. You save user information to avoid losing your tracking scores. User information is stored in the " C:\Program Data\Ro... Read More »

Where does Windows XP store its system recovery information?

Windows XP operating systems store recovery information in the System Volume Information folder, which is a hidden folder located in the root directory of each hard drive partition. Recovery data, ... Read More »

What information does a store need to cash a check for you?

If a store provides check-cashing services, you should be prepared to bring a photo ID and have your Social Security number handy. Most stores will charge a small fee for the service. The exact ter... Read More »