How does disappearing ink work?

Answer Disappearing ink gains its seemingly unnatural abilities through a process that is anything but magical. A series of chemical reactions gives the so-called ink both its initial appearance and its s... Read More »

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Does anyone know where I can find a site that lets you design your own "Disappearing Coffee Mug"?

Wow, never seen or heard of that type of coffee mug. Sounds cool!! Try Google for your answer. Good luck, I hope you find it!

Why does the installous app from hackulous keep on disappearing from springboard on the iphone 4?

In a recent update I think iOS 4.3 they added Personal Hotspots which allows you to stream internet data over Wi-Fi so others can use your internet data, many networks will charge you around £5 a ... Read More »

Are wasps disappearing too?

Some species of wasps that pollinate flowers--such as the California Antioch mutillid and the redheaded sphecid--have become endangered, due to shrinking habitat and environmental pollution. Wasps ... Read More »

Who invented disappearing ink?

Disappearing ink was invented by Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome. It was the first formula he ever made--the result of a number of experiments in his father's drugstore in South Carolina.Source:Universi... Read More »