How does disappearing ink work?

Answer Disappearing ink gains its seemingly unnatural abilities through a process that is anything but magical. A series of chemical reactions gives the so-called ink both its initial appearance and its s... Read More »

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Who invented disappearing ink?

Disappearing ink was invented by Sir Henry Solomon Wellcome. It was the first formula he ever made--the result of a number of experiments in his father's drugstore in South Carolina.Source:Universi... Read More »

Are wasps disappearing too?

Some species of wasps that pollinate flowers--such as the California Antioch mutillid and the redheaded sphecid--have become endangered, due to shrinking habitat and environmental pollution. Wasps ... Read More »

How can I keep my socks from disappearing?

Mess laundry bags will do the trick.This is what I am referring to.…

Do your socks have a habit of disappearing?

When I was growing up we had 6 childen and anywhere from 2-3 adults in the house at any given time.. So, that's quite a lot of socks... When my parents moved, my family moved into their house.. Whe... Read More »