How does direct tv disconnect service?

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Direct TV vs Cable, Direct TV service, hidden fees and penalties?

I have had DirecTV for 5 years and I hate them. I had to sign a 2 year contact. The first 4 years were ok, if you don't mind your tv messing up everytime you get a heavy rain. The plan I have is... Read More »

Why does a dial-up Internet service disconnect when someone calls the phone?

A dial-up Internet connection uses specially encoded sound waves to communicate between your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP) over your telephone line. A device at each end, called... Read More »

If you are already paying for the direct tv service can you legally buy your own direct tv box?

If i disconnect my land line at home, what are my options for internet service.?

You can still use your home phone wires to get high-speed Internet, even when you no longer have phone service with the local telco. It is referred to "naked DSL", or "dry loop DSL", either way it... Read More »