How does diabetes affect your eyes?

Answer Diabetes can rob its sufferers of their vision by destroying blood vessels in the eyes and damaging the retina. Diabetes patients must take proper preventative measures to preserve their eyesight.D... Read More »

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Does type 1 diabetes affect your sperm count?

Yes it does. Although no conclusive study has determined diabetes control levels (good blood sugar control or bad control) effects on sperm count. Logically if your control was near perfect you wou... Read More »

Does your period affect your diabetes?

Oh yes it affects me alot it raises my blood sugar. But the weird thing is that after i had my 2 children i got lows the day after i had my son my blood sugar went to low, down to 14 and i was pass... Read More »

Does sleep affect your eyes?

Yes that's usually the first sign of lack of sleep.

How does diabetes affect kidneys?

How can diabetes affect the kidneys?In diabetic kidney disease (also called diabetic nephropathy), cells and blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged, affecting the organs’ ability to filter out ... Read More »