How does crushbot on facebook work?

Answer I think they randomly put the sex you choose, whether they are single and if they are not related to you...& then maybe its profile views HOPEFULLY lol, when i done it my crush came up =) alongside... Read More »

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I can post pictures on to facebook , but when i try to post a home video to facebook it wont work?

explain need 2 go in depth with your question or no one can actually give you an answer 2 your question!

Got this on facebook can anyone work it out?

80% of UCSD students were right. There IS no error. =]

Why won't facebook work?

The social media world is under attack. Earlier this morning, Twitter acknowledged that its downtime was the result of a malicious Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS), and now Facebook tell... Read More »

Why won't my Facebook games work?

Wait a day and check it again. Facebook may be fixing the games to improve it. It also might be your computer. Try another one and if they was like that too then it is probably facebook fixing the ... Read More »