How does crushbot on facebook work?

Answer I think they randomly put the sex you choose, whether they are single and if they are not related to you...& then maybe its profile views HOPEFULLY lol, when i done it my crush came up =) alongside... Read More »

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Does a facebook hacker really work?

no, none of those sites actually work - they just infect your computer with malware and virusesi'm not going to explain how people do illegal things on yahoo answers, as i can get in trouble for th... Read More »

Does "profile spy" on facebook actually work?

Not at all. In fact, I have heard it is a virus. Who knows for sure, though. I just know the program is crap.

How does the Facebook "seen" feature work?

if you are Talking about Seen at. it is a Time in Chat that Is Talking about when they read your chat message. If the time stamps you see on Facebook are incorrect, your computer’s time settings ... Read More »

Does facebook profile watcher thing work?

AH geez i seriously hope it doesn't!!! my "crush" just joined the group and I'm screwed if it does work cause i look at his page about a million times a day.... :OOO