Does Criss Angel have a twin?

Answer Criss Angel, whose birth name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, has two older brothers, J.D. and Costa, but he does not have a twin. The illusionist, whose family encouraged his love of magic, be... Read More »

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How does Criss Angel make an elephant disappear?

He hired actors to stand in the line surrounding the elephant and the elephant simply walked off in that direction at an angle so that the real spectators could not see it.He hired actors to stand ... Read More »

What type of tequila does criss angel drink?

Who is Criss Angel?

Three time Magician of the Year award winner Criss Angel is an illusionist with training in music and the martial arts. He has performed as a magician on television, including in his own show, "Cri... Read More »

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